Pastors Advisory Committee

When I ran for Mayor, I made a commitment to establish six advisory committees to advise the Mayor on issues and concerns of residents and businesses. Since taking office, I have seen the need to create three additional committees. I meet with each committee monthly to be advised on issues the Mayor's office should address throughout the City and to provide updates on projects and activities in the City.

Because of the contributions of these committees, a number of significant accomplishments have been achieved. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to each committee for their involvement in the projects.

Pastors Advisory Committee:

Thanks to the leadership of the Pastors Advisory Committee, we had the best Dr. Martin Luther King Day celebration in Inglewood's history. Dr. King's legacy as a minister was celebrated and we held our first-ever Pastoral Pre-MLK Day luncheon. The Special MLK Day Chorale, comprised of churches throughout Inglewood will be remembered for years to come. I look forward to next year's celebration.

Most of my committees meet at night after a full day of work. I salute and applaud all members of each committee. Their commitment to the well being of Inglewood is highly noteworthy. As we continue to work together, I am convinced that Inglewood will become a model City for the entire nation.