Residential Sound Insulation Program Director Bio

Mike Calzada, Residential Sound Insulation Program Director

Mr. Calzada has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Affairs, specialty in Urban Studies from the University of Southern California. Coursework in Architectural Design, Theory, History and Practice, in addition to Landscape Architecture, are part of studies.

Mr. Calzada is a 30 year civil servant; he has worked in the cities of Garden Grove, Orange and over 25 years for the City of Inglewood. As an aspirant architectural draftsman, his first job application was in the newly built Inglewood city hall in the early 1970’s.

Michael leveraged his many years as a grantsman responsible for over $20 million through the years in housing rehabilitation, Section 108 loans for economic development, public infrastructure improvements including streetscape enhancements along Arbor Vitae Street, and welcomed opportunities to adapt to a decade long career as a Current and Advance Planner.  He was brought to the Office of the City Administrator on September 10, 2001.  He has since been involved in all aspects of Inglewood administration from constituent relations to event planning, ordinance and resolution preparation and preparing a Communication Plan, a Hazard Mitigation Plan and disaster preparedness training.  He secured a federal grant to facilitate the continuation of this function before being promoted to RSI Director.

In the year of his appointment from June 2008 to June 2009, over $25 million has been expended and over 450 eligible residential units have been brought under contract.  His office has also been responsible for achieving $36.2 million in approved grant requests.

He is a volunteer for American Cancer Society Relay for Life Inglewood and is the Event Chair for the July 17-18, 2010 program. From 2006 to present and has undertaken Logistics and Online Chair as Planning Team member from 2007-2009.  To date the Community raised about $100,000 in support of ACS goals and programs. In addition to being a American Red Cross Blood Donor, he has over 6,000 hours of volunteer work and paraprofessional training in crisis intervention and domestic violence since 1976.