Residential Sound Insulation Program

About the Program

The City of Inglewood’s highly popular Residential Sound Insulation Program is making great strides in its campaign to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on homes under the flight path of the Los Angeles International Airport.  Given the impressive progress that we have already made, we expect to sound insulate the remaining 2,800 eligible homes in the city within the next several years. 

This voluntary program is funded by grants from Los Angeles World Airports and the Federal Aviation Administration.


Who is Eligible?

The City of Inglewood offers sound insulation at no cost to residents living in neighborhoods with a Community Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL) of 65 decibels (dB) and higher. We provide relief to residents who live in the most noise impacted blocks first, these homes – on both the east and west sides of the city – have top priority.  As these residences are completed, work will progress to the least impacted blocks. 


What is Sound Insulation?

Sound insulation will make a dramatic difference in your home.  It has proven to significantly reduce interior noise levels.  Once we have finished, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your family’s quality of life. 

There are many steps that we will take to make your home quieter.  We replace all your doors and windows with the attractive solid-core doors and dual-pane windows that you have personally selected.  In most cases, central air and heating will be added to your home.  We even make improvements to the fireplace and chimney, and insulation to the attic.  Essentially, all these measures taken together, help to insulate your house from exterior noise. 


What to Expect:


Once you decide to sign up for the program, these are the steps leading up to and including construction:

  • Architectural SurveyOur staff will perform an architectural survey of your home to make sure that noise levels will be reduced as much as possible.  This survey involves drawing a floor plan and measuring the walls, windows, doors, and other important features.  We also record your choices for new doors and windows.  These measurements will eventually result in construction plans and specifications. These plans and specifications are an integral part of the bid package and eventual construction contract.


  • Hazardous Materials Inspection We will inspect your house for any lead paint and asbestos where work is to be performed so that our construction crews can take the necessary precautions in disposing of these hazardous materials.


  • Plans ReviewAt a design review meeting we will carefully go over all final paperwork, plans, and specifications with you.  You will have the opportunity to visit our showroom to see sample products and make your final selections. 


  • Construction – The contractor will visit your home or building to verify measurements, then the products you selected (doors, windows, etc.) will be ordered.  Once the products have been delivered (sometimes requiring up to three months), you will be contacted to coordinate the start of construction.  On average, construction takes no more than two weeks to complete. 


As with any type of remodeling, there will be disruptions to daily household activities.  Please be prepared and have patience.  The end result should make the whole process worthwhile!


Questions or Concerns?

 Please feel free to phone our staff at (310) 412-5289 or visit our office Monday through Thursday between hours of 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM. 

 Please Note:  City Hall is closed Fridays.


Residential Sound Insulation Department

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