Mission Statement

With a commitment to providing full and quality service to the community, the Mission of the Office of the City Administrator is to:

Manage all City resources to provide those services to the community that they cannot provide for themselves in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Focus resources to serve the community with an emphasis on service and accountability;

Address all issues using a customer service approach; and

Be sensitive and responsive to community needs and issues that affect the quality of life.

Core Values of the Office of the City Administrator

The Core Values of the Office of the City Administrator are to provide a personalized quality of service with integrity and compassion that emphasizes a spirit of excellence and pride in the accomplishment of that service.

Public service is one of the noblest professions. We believe that maintaining the highest possible community service standards makes our work a source of great satisfaction and we take considerable pride in our accomplishments. The expression of confidence and self-esteem in meeting the day-to-day challenges is exhibited by all members of this Administration. Satisfaction comes from "making a difference" in our community.

We hold ourselves to an elevated standard of conduct in everything we do, everything we say, and everything we represent. We recognize that we hold positions of high trust, and are measured by how we perform our duties and earn that trust.

Every public contact is unique. Each employee places a high value on being in the people business and recognizes that we may not always see those we serve in the most favorable of circumstances. Compassion is expressed by empathy to those who may only temporarily be unable to assist themselves.

Excellence embraces the commitment of continuous improvement. We will continually strive to surpass our previous accomplishments. Every member of this Administration is critical to the accomplishment of our mission and goals. Each employee is personally accountable for what takes place in their sphere of influence. We embrace excellence as the driving force behind our Mission Statement, our Vision for the Department, the principles that we are committed to, and our core values.

The primary function of the City Administrative Offices is to serve the public. In providing such service, we shall always be mindful of treating others as we would want our families, friends, loved ones, or ourselves to be treated. Each employee recognizes that we are a key element in ensuring a high quality of life in our community.