Housing Rehabilitation

The housing rehabilitation loan program is provided to correct minor code violations and alleviate any health and safety problems in the home. Financial assistance is provided in the form of deferred loans to eligible senior citizen single-family homeowners. Funds may not be used for general home improvements or those things considered cosmetic in nature. If the loan or grant amount is not sufficient to correct all minor code violations or items detrimental to health and safety concerns, the applicant will be required to correct those items considered most important.


Housing Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program

  • Maximum Loan Amount is $75,000
  • Eligible homeowners are those with incomes at 80% or below the area's median income.
  • Repayment of loan is due and payable upon sale, change in title or when owner ceases to reside in property

Eligible Improvements (Level 1 and Level 2)

(Level 1):
Roof Foundation - Electrical Service and Panel Boxes - Wiring - Water Lines and Service - Sewer Lines and Service Plumbing Fixtures - Gas Lines - Replacement of Water Heater - Termite Work - Shut-off valves - Beams, Joists, Sub-floors, etc. - Service walks or driveways if dangerous - Lead Based Paint Abatement - Heating (Furnace, Wall Heater, etc.)

(Level 2):

Cornices and Eaves - Window Repair - Gutters and Downspouts - Painting (Interior & Exterior) - Light fixtures Screens Doors (if unserviceable) - Wall repairs - Garage repair or removal - Fence repair or removal Insulation Floor coverings & repair

Qualifying Income Levels
(U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, FY 2014-2015)

Household Size
Very-low Income (30%)
Low-income (50%)
Moderate-Income (80%)
$17,150 or less $28,550
$19,600 or less $32,600
$22,050 or less $36,700
$24,450 or less $40,750 $65,200
$27,910 or less $44,050
$31,970 or less $47,300
$36,030 or less $50,550 $80,850
$40,090 or less $53,800

Lead Based paint testing and abatement is funded by the City of Inglewood in conjunction with all housing programs.

For more information on housing rehabilitation, please contact the CDBG Division Staff at (310) 412-8844.