Business Licenses

 What is a Business License?

Is a regulatory license that is issued by the City of Inglewood for certain businesses, this license is separate from the Business Tax Certificate which is required for all persons that conduct business in the City.

Who needs a Business License?

Any business that requires Permits and Licensing Committee approval must obtain a Business License. The different types of businesses are grouped by categories and each category has a separate application fee, which must be paid yearly.

Category 1 - $25.00

  • Animal keeping
  • Bazaars and fiestas
  • Camp car, trailer camp and mobile-home park
  • Coin-operated amusement and entertainment devise
  • Dogs—more than two over four months of age
  • Flower and poppy solicitation
  • Ice or roller skating rink
  • Miniature ride and similar amusement
  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Rummage Sales
  • Sidewalk promotion and selling
  • Slot car and miniature car racing
  • Trampoline and rebound devices
  • Lunch and confection vehicle
  • Travel agency
  • Automobile leasing or renting
  • Junk and salvage dealer (includes perishable refuse and by-products)
  • Athletic event or show

Category 2 - $50.00

  • Businesses involving potential safety hazards.
  • Dog kennel
  • Private care institutions (includes but not limited to hospitals, sanitariums and rest homes)
  • Wheel chair bus or limousine service
  • Retail sale of pistols, revolvers and other concealable firearms, pursuant to California Penal Code Section 12071. The form of any license issued under this subsection shall be as prescribed by the Attorney General pursuant to said section
  • Alarm system
  • Tattoo Parlor

Category 3 - $100.00 

  • Automobile dealer, used; or not under contract with manufacturer
  • Auto wrecking yard
  • Concert—“rock type”
  • Dance hall or night clubs where dancing is permitted
  • Horse race information- (off track premises)
  • Live entertainment in night clubs or eating establishments
  • Miscellaneous one time events
  • Para mutual agency
  • Pawn shop or second hand dealer
  • Private investigation services and security patrol
  • Pool hall

Category 4 - $250.00

  • Barber shops
  • Beauty and cosmetology salons
  • Outdoor restaurant on a public sidewalk

Category 5 - $2500 deposit required with a minimum of $2000 returned

  • Acupressure establishments
  • Acupuncturist establishments that provide on-site massage or acupressure therapy
  • Adult arcades
  • Adult bookstores
  • Adult live entertainment theaters
  • Adult merchandise stores
  • Adult modeling studios
  • Adult motion picture theaters
  • Bath, Turkish bath and spa houses
  • Chiropractor establishments that provide on-site massage or acupressure therapy
  • Escort, dating and introduction services
  • Massage establishments or massage parlors
  • Miscellaneous adult oriented businesses
  • Photo studios using live models
  • Tanning salons

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To obtain a City of Inglewood Business License:

(1) You may fill in a Business License Application on-line, print it out and mail it with your total due to the address listed below. If you need any assistance please contact our office at (310) 412-5500.
(2) If you wish to apply in person, our office hours are listed below.

The Finance Department may require additional information as needed by the Permits and Licensing Committee.

City of Inglewood, Finance Department
Business License Division
One Manchester Boulevard, 1st Floor
P.O. Box 6500
Inglewood, CA 90312-6500

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Closed Fridays.

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Change in Ownership
Business Licenses are not transferable. A change in ownership requires that a business must apply for a new Business License Application and be approved by the Permits and licensing Committee.

Change in Location
Before you change your business location within the City of Inglewood you should verify that the area in which you wish to relocate is zoned for that purpose. Zoning information can be obtained by contacting the Planning and Zoning Division at (310) 412-5230. If you are approved, a $15.00 move fee will be charged.

Business License Renewal
Renewal applications, along with the required fee, shall be submitted to the Finance Department no later than the first day of November of each year. 

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