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Parking and Outsource Services

Parking and Outsource Services has provided parking citation processing services since the early 1980’s using an in-house developed mainframe computer system known as the “Parking Ticket System” (PTS).The Enterprise Services Division supports the billing and collection of City of Inglewood parking citations and provides services to more than 70 public agencies. The Enterprise Services Division frees precious resources by automating:

  • DMV queries
  • Scheduling administrative reviews/hearings
  • Authorization of seizures
  • Informing responsible party of hearing decisions

Parking and Outsource Services has been a profit center for the City by collecting the citations issued by the City’s enforcement staff and providing this service to outside public agencies.The PTS operation has been a profitable endeavor for the City, and it has made significant contributions toward the recovery of City overhead by providing funds that reduced the overall cost of ITC to the General Fund.