Construction & Demolition Permit

The following Permits, Procedures and Policy documents are in PDF format. Click on the icon at the bottom to download the Adobe Acrobat™ reader.

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Permit Application and Final Compliance Disposal Report - Click hyperlink below to access form. The C&D Permit Application must be submitted to the Public Works Department on the 3rd Floor in City Hall. Upon completion of work or project related to the C&D Permit Application the Final Compliance Disposal Report must be completed and returned along with ALL ORIGINAL recycle receipts. Failure to remit the required receipts and documentation may result in forfeiture of your deposit. Any questions concerning the permit process, please contact Adriana M. Grimes at 310-412-5333 or email at AGrimes@cityofinglewood.

C&D Permit Application and Final Compliance Report


California Green Building Standard Codes