Map Room

Welcome to City of Inglewood Map Room Page. All of our high-quality, full-color maps are printed from an Oce TDS400 color plotter and a Hewlett Packard Design Jet Plotter. We offer a variety of quality paper types. Because we print our maps when you order them, you are assured to receive the most up-to-date information available.

The maps listed here are only the most frequently requested ones. Other map products and GIS services are available and may be requested by contacting the Public Works Department GIS Division at (310) 412-5333 or for Map Counter Services. Click Here


Base Maps

Points of Interest - This map identifies significant points of interest within the city. These major points include: More>>

Street Grid Index Map - The City’s 1/2 mile Grid map is based on the National Quarter Section Map grids, using alpha numeric gradicules, allow for quick street lookup.… More>>

Aerial Map - Flown on January 2004 by Digital Mapping Associates, this aerial photography was produced at the scale of 1”-600’ with a resolution of 4” pixels. The color aerial photography includes a 500-foot…More>>


Oil Recycle Center - This map shows locations of all oil recycle center that serve the City of Inglewood…More>>


Political Maps

Council Districts - The Council District map contains the four council districts of the City of Inglewood. These Districts are defined by areas represented…More>>

Individual Districts - These are maps that contain individual council districts to show greater detail of the area…More>>

IUSD and Council District Voting Precincts Precincts - Full color map or the Inglewood Unified School District Precincts. Includes, street names, block addressing, city boundary… More>>


Parks - This map depicts location of all City Parks. Information about these parks has been provided by the Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community ServicesMore>>



Redevelopment Areas- This map contains the amended and existing Redevelopment Areas.  These areas are established to maintain and increase the supply of housing for low- and moderate-income households, renovate or remove and replace deteriorated and dilapidated structures.... More>>

CDBG Areas - This map depicts the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) qualified areas within the city. The CDBG areas are funded by federal grant programs provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to meet community development and housing needs.More>>

Zip Codes - Full color maps for the City of Inglewood depicting the tracts from the 2000 census and the zip codes with the city. Also included are street names & types, city boundary, points of interest…More>>


Bus Stops - This map is an inventory of all Bus Stops in the City of Inglewood. This data is provided by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) office…..More>>

Red Light Cameras - This map is an inventory of all installed and operating red light cameras in the City of Inglewood. Data depicted on this map has been provided by the Public Works Department/Transportation Division in conjunction with the Inglewood Police Department’s …..More>>

Traffic Signals - This map is an inventory of all signalized intersections. Data depicted on this map has been provided by the Public Works Department/Transportation Division…More>>

MTA Routes - This map includes all Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) routes that serve the City of Inglewood. Data displayed on this map has been provided by the Los Angeles County MTA office…..More>>