Youth Action Plan

In April of 1997, the Department received a grant from the California Wellness Foundation to develop a youth-driven Youth Action Plan. ($50,000 per year for two years). Over the next two years, youth themselves conducted a comprehensive needs assessment and action plan to determine how youth could be involved in improving the conditions in Inglewood for the present and the future. Twenty-seven (27) youth were involved on the Task Force, which met monthly for two years to analyze the primary and secondary data collected during the project and to develop the plan. Another 85 youth served as data gatherers and ten were involved in public relations. Over 1,000 youth expressed their views. The Youth Action Plan (15 MB) was adopted by the Mayor and City Council in April of 1999. It has served as a blueprint for youth involvement in many community service projects. It is evidence that, given meaningful tasks, training and supervision, the youth are responsible, resourceful, enthusiastic and creative.

The following major themes were identified through the focus groups:

  • Crime, gangs, drugs and youth violence
  • Youth employment
  • Education and schools
  • Social and recreational activities for teens and opportunities for involvement
  • Sexual behavior and adolescent pregnancy
  • Community pride, racial tension and youth involvement

For those interested, hard copies of the “Youth Action Plan” may be obtained by calling (310) 412-8750.