Tree and Street Landscaping

Tree Trimming, Maintenance and Removal

The "Tree Section" provides quality tree maintenance to approximately 35,000 trees throughout the City of Inglewood. Some of the activities of this Section include, but are not limited to, stump and root pruning, stump removal, hedge trimming, cutting tree wells, remove and replant parkways trees, inspect trees for diseases and insects, and treating pests and weeds if found. The main objective is to maintain all City trees and landscapes in a safe, healthy, and beautiful condition. Current and past tree trimming schedules for the Tree and Street Landscaping Section are listed below in PDF format.

Tree Removal Policy

1. Tree Removal

The City will remove dead, dying, diseased or hazardous trees.
a. A hazardous tree is a tree that is determined to be at high risk of failure (ie. Falling or large limb breakage or majority of branches dead or damaged).
b. Trees that are diseased or infested by insects that are a threat to other trees may be removed if Pest Control cannot correct the problem.
c. If the tree has outgrown the size of the parkway and root pruning cannot be completed safely for sidewalk repair the tree can be removed.

2. Emergency Removals

a. Healthy trees may be removed if an emergency exists and tree removal is the best option. An example would be to repair a broken water main or a sewer line that is directly under the tree trunk.
b. If a tree causes a serious visibility hazard, such as blocking a stop sign and pruning cannot correct the hazard.
c. If a tree is in the way of new construction and the construction cannot be changed, the tree can be removed.

3. Tree Roots in Sewer Line

The homeowner must show proof that the tree roots have broken the line before the roots have invaded the sewer line.
a. Proof could be shown by having an on site inspection of the sewer line which will show root damage or clear video of the sewer line showing root invasion not coming from a joint or other line defect.
b. The removal of the tree would occur only if a new line is going to be installed or if major repair is needed.

4. Reasons that are not valid for removal

a. Leaves getting into gutters
b. Messy fruit or excessive leaf drop
c. Surface roots on the parkway

5. Tree Removal

a. In all cases of tree removal a new tree must be planted.
b. All tree removal requests are granted only if it is in the best interest of the City, determined by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services or his/her representative.

6. These policies are reflected with in the Inglewood Municipal Code
Article 3, Park Regulations:

a. Section 5-57 – Parkways/Tree planting
b. Section 5-59 – Damage to Planting Prohibited
c. Section 5-60-B – Adjacent Owners Duty