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Technical Background Report

This report is part of Phase I of the General Plan Update and is scheduled for completion in August 2006. The Technical Background Report is a comprehensive summary of the state of the City today, from land use information to demographics to transportation to public services.

Technical Background Report

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Community Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Community Service
  • Environmental Resources
  • Community Safety
  • Synthesis
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C

    Other Documents
  • Final Guiding Principles
  • Revised Subarea Discussion



    As part of the ongoing Inglewood General Plan Update, over a three-day period in August 2006, EIP conducted a series of stakeholder interviews to provide key community stakeholder groups and individuals the opportunity to share their thoughts on issues and opportunities within the community. Stakeholders also were invited to suggest ideas and approaches to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities available in the City. Representatives from various stakeholder groups were interviewed. To review the stakeholder group summary click here.


    During the month of November 2006, the City of Inglewood conducted a series of five Community Visioning Workshops to provide residents with opportunities to share their thoughts and suggest ideas that will guide the preparation of Inglewood’s General Plan update. The objective of the meetings were to review the General Plan planning process and solicit input regarding important policy issues the General Plan update needs to address. To review the Community Visioning Workshop Summary click here.