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Bring a used oil filter and get a new one for FREE!  Residents may receive up to 2 new filters in exchange for 2 used filters.  While supplies last.

Traiga su filtro de aceite usado y reciba un filtro nuevo GRATIS!  Limite 2 filtros nuevos a cambio de 2 filtros usados por cada residente.  Hasta agotar existencias.
( Used Oil Filter Flyer / Filtro de Aceite Usado Folleto )

News Image ESRIs - Community profile report
Get a community profile report by entering a U.S. residential Zip Code. Learn more about the demographics and lifestyles of your community. For more information click here:

We Love Old Bald Guys / Nos encantan las llantas viejas! FREE Tire Recycling Event / GRATIS de recoleccion de llantas
Bring your used tires to our FREE Tire Recycling Event
Traiga sus llantas usdas a nuestro evento GRATIS de recoleccion de llantas

( We Love Old Bald Guys! - Flyer / Nos encantan las llantas viejas! )
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Please join your neighbors at a FREE community workshop to learn about home energy upgrades and rebates!
( Energy Upgrades and Rebates )

News Image Earth Day Festival 2015
This year's Earth Day Festival brings the soulful sounds of Lenny Williams and Phillip Lauth to the stage! 

There will be plenty of activities and fun for the whole family to come on out and spend the day with us!  You'll be glad that you did.

Earth Day Festival 2015 begins at 10:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM; location is on City Halls' South Lawn.  (off Manchester Boulevard and La Brea Avenue)
( From The Soil To The Sky Flyer )
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News Image Too Toxic To Trash / Muy Toxico Para Tirar A La Basura
Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste The Right Way On Satruday:  April 25, 2015

Deshagase de sus Desechos toxicos del Hogar y Electronicos de l Manera Correcta, el sabado:  25 de abril de 2015
( Too Toxic to Trash Flyer )

News Image Too Toxic To Trash/Muy Toxico Para Tirar A La Basura
Dispose of household hazardous waste and e-waste the right way on Saturday: April 11, 2015.

Deshagase de sus desechos toxicos del hogar y electronicos de la manera correcta, el sabado: 11 de abril de 2015
( Too Toxic To Trash Flyer )

News Image SBCCOG Energy Upgrade California
The "Play Your Part" Sweepstakes is a fun and engaging way to help Californians see there are plenty of ways to keep our homes comfortable while reducing our enegy usaage and maintaining our beautiful environment.
( "Play Your Part" Sweepstakes Information Letter )
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News Image FREE Donation Drop Off and Document Shredding Event
FREE Donation Drop Off and Document Shredding Event for Inglewood Residents Only - ID Required.
( FREE Donation Drop Off and Document Shredding Event )
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News Image New GIS & Map Request Form Application
The GIS Request and Map Request application is now available online.  The application allows an applicant to fill out & submit their GIS inquiries in just two steps.    

Step 1: Fill out and complete the entire request form.

Step 2: Submit the request form via web application.  
Your request will then be reviewed and processed.  This application was designed to efficiently manage, maintain and process GIS and Map requests.  If you need guidance in filling out your request please call the Public Works Department at (310) 412-5333 and our GIS staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Admission is FREE to the General Public!

A non-profit donation center and document shredding services will be onsite for Inglewood residents ONLY!  ID REQUIRED.

( Citywide Yardsale Flyer )
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Scavenging is illegal!
( Stop Scavenging )
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Saturday, June 28, 2014
Donation drop off - 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Document Shredding  - 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
On Grevillea Avenue off Manchester Blvd. (in front of Inglewood High School)

( Free Donation and Document Shredding Event )
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CDS Is Hiring! HIRING!!!
Consolidated Disposal Service (CDS) is looking to hire 17 employees.  Interested candidates are encouraged to apply online at www.republicservices/careers
( CDS Hiring Details )
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Residents may receive up to 2 new filters in exchange for 2 used filters
( Used Oil Exchange )
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Utilizado intercambio del filtro de aceite CAMBIO DEL FILTRO DE ACEITE USADO
limite 2 filtros nuevos a cambio de 2 filtros usados por cada residente.  Hasta agotar existencias.    
( Utilizado intercambio del filtro de aceite )
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Inglewood Rising: Earth Day Festival 2014 Inglewood Rising: Earth Day Festival 2014

Inglewood Rising:  Earth Day Festival 2014

Featuring Peformances By:

( Inglewood Rising: Earth Day Festival 2014 )
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News Image Too Toxic To Trash / Muy Toxico Para Tirar A La Basura
Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste the right way on Saturday:  April 5, 2014

Deshagase de sus Desechos Toxicos del Hogar y Electronicos de la Manera Correcta, el sabado:  5 de abril de 2014
( Household Hazardous Waste Flyer )
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This DRIVE THROUGH drop off event is being brought to you by the City of Inglewood, Goodwill and NewLeaf Waste Recycling.
( Event Flyer - Click Here )
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This event is for single and multi-family residents only.
( Operation Clean Sweep Flyer - Click Here )
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Christmas Tree Recycling Christmas Tree Disposal and Recycling

PLEASE NOTE!  This service is for approximately TWO WEEKS ONLY!

( Christmas Tree Recycling Informational Flyer )
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2013/2014 Holiday Schedule Holiday Trash Service Schedule
The Holidays will bring changes to your trash service days.  Please click the "Holiday Schedule" link to see the holiday pickup schedule.
( View PDF )
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News Image Food Waste Composting
Find out what is compost, why food is unique as a composting agent and why you should compost and what the benefit is in doing so.
( Food Waste Composting Article )
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Recycle Used Oil AutoZone Auto Parts Filter Exchange
Recycle Used Oil
( Used Oil Flyer )
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Reciclar Aceite Usado AutoZone Auto Parts Filtro de Aceite

Limite 2 filtros nuevos a cambio de 2 filtros usados por cada residente.  Hasta agotar existencias.

( Flyer Aceite Usado )
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News Image Book Recycling Program
Consolidated Disposal Service (CDS) is accepting used books at its Inglewood Office located at 110 S. La Brea, Suite 210.
( Book Recycling Program )
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Twice a year, Consolidated Disposal Service will haul away your bulky items from your curbside, free of charge.  This event is only for single and multi-family residents. The next Operation Clean Sweep will happen in October/November.   Check the schedule for your convenient Saturday Clean Sweep Day. 

Click on Operation Clean Sweep Link.  Information is in English and Spanish.

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News Image I-CLEAN
Please click on the "I-CLEAN" link to find out more information.
( I-CLEAN - What Is It? )
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Date:  October 5, 2013
Time:  7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Hollywood Park Race Track Parking Lot
Gate 2 - On Prarie South of Arbor Vitae

( View PDF )
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News Image Movies In The Park

Grab your blanket and lawn chairs and enjoy an evening of "cinema under the stars".

Featured films have been selected with the entire family in mind and are rated PG.

( View PDF )
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News Image Stop Scavenging!

Scavenging is an activity that violaters can be punished by a fine, imprisionment or BOTH!  All it takes is a phone call.  If you see ANYone in your neighborhood scavenging pick up the phone and call:


Let's STOP The Scavenging!


News Image Sanitation Inspection Unit (SIU)
It is the goal of the SIU to work closely with residents to protect our neighborhoods, prevent property value deterioration and decline by educating the citizens of Inglewood on the standards for the use and maintenance of public and private property within the City.
( SIU - Here For You! )

News Image Operation Clean Sweep
Please click on the link to open the pdf flyer, which will give you the scheduled Operation Clean Sweep pickup dates.  Find your service day on the flyer and scan across the page to see your scheduled Operation Clean Sweep pickup day.
( View PDF )

News Image Do the Right Thing
The thoughtless, but all too common act of failing to dispose of trash in the proper receptacle has a major impact on the health, appearance and pride of our community. The fact is: Inglewood creates a lot of garbage.
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News Image Too Toxic To Trash! / Muy Toxico Para Tirar A La Basura!

Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste the Right Way:
Deshagase de sus Desechos Toxicos del Hogar y Electronicos de la Manera Correcta:

( View PDF )
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News Image Citywide Yard Sale and Recycling Event

Clean out closets of unwanted treasures and earn some cash!  OR come down to browse and maybe purchase a treasure that's new to you!

( Citywide Yard Sale Info )
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2013 Earth Day 2013 Earth Day
Learn How You Can make Inglewood An Evironmentally Friendly and Sustainable City While Having BIG Fun!
( View PDF )
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2013 Dia de la Tierra 2013 Dia de la Tierra
Unase con nosotros para aprender como puede ayudar a hacer Inglewood una ciudad amigable y sostenible y se divierten
( View PDF )
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Too Toxic To Trash Too Toxic To Trash
Roundup to be held March 16, 2013 from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems M5 Building Parking Lot Aviation Blvd. and Marine Avenue in Manhattan Beach

Informacion en Espanol tambien.  Simplemente haga clic en el vinculo.
( Too Toxic To Trash! )
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News Image Too Toxic To Trash / Muy Toxico Para Tirar A La Basura
Dispose of Household Hazardous Wase and E-Waste the right way on Saturday March 16, 2013 / deshagase de sus desechos toxicos del hogar y electronicos de la manera correcta, el sabado:  16 de marzo de 2013
( Too Toxic To Trash! / Muy toxico para tirar a la basura )

News Image CDS' Inglewood Hiring Update
CDS is committed to hiring 26 qualified Inglewood residents.  Please click on the "CDS' Inglewood Hiring Update" link for more information.
( CDS' Inglewood Hiring Update )

News Image Citywide Electronic Waste Recycling Event!
Please see attached E-Waste flyer for more information by clicking on the "E-Waste Flyer" link.
( E-Waste Flyer )

Recycle Used Oil
Bring a used oil filter and get a new one for FREE!
( View PDF )

Recycle Used Oil
Traiga su filtro de aceite usado y reciba un filtro nuevo GRATIS!
( View PDF )

News Image Environmental Services Division Sanitation Inspection Unit
The Sanitation Inspection Unit (SIU), under the direction of the Environmental Services Division of the Public Works Department, is responsible for monitoring environmental rules and regulations created to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Inglewood, and to ensure that federal, state, and local environmental guidelines are followed. Adherence to these regulations and guidelines will enhance the quality of life in our City and help to maintain healthy neighborhoods free from unsightly or hazardous conditions.

Click on the "Sanitation Inspection Unit" title below to read the full article.
( Sanitation Inspection Unit )

News Image New Commerical and Multi-Family Recycling Regulations

Beginning July 1, 2012, the State requires each business in the City that generates four or more cubic yards of waste and recyclables per week and multi-family customers with five or more dwelling units, to recycle. In order to assist its businesses and residents in meeting this requirement and to encourage everyone to recycle, the City has contracted with its franchised solide waste hauler, Consolidated Disposal Service (CDS), to provide recylcing services at no cost to customers. Customers are encouraged to contact CDS at (800) 299-4898 to obtain free recycling service and potentially save money on trash service. Customers may meet the State requirements by self-hauling recyclables or contracting with independent recyclers. The City encourages businesses and multi-family complexes to notify CDS of any independent recycling activities to assist the City in preparing its annual reports to the State.

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News Image Community Toolbox
Working Together for a Clean Inglewood!
( View PDF )

News Image Do You Know ..... What Goes Where?
Proper disposal of your trash is very important.  Please read to ensure you're disposing of your trash the right way and in the proper carts.
( View PDF )

City of Inglewood CIP FY 2013-2017
The FY 13-2017 CIP identifies and describes Fifty (50) capital projects, the years in which funding each project is to occur and the method of funding. In addition to currently funded projects, the CIP also lists forty-three (43) unfunded projects, which represent deferred maintenance and future infrastructure needs.
( To view the report, click here. )
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News Image Too Toxic To Trash! Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Round Up
Too Toxic To Trash is a household hazardous waste and E-Waste round up event.  

Informacion esta en espanol tambien.  por favor haga clic en el enlace para ver el folleto en espanol.
( View PDF )

News Image Public Services Work Management Automation

The Public Services Division of the Public Works Department recently launched iWorQ an online service request system which Inglewood residents and business owners may use to make a service request or share their concerns with City staff.

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News Image Interactive GIS Maps
Thanks for visiting our GIS page, where we feature Interactive Maps.  These maps give you the opportunity to view many layers of information.  These layers of data include: Council District Areas, Aerial Photos, Land Uses and Census Data, to name a few.
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News Image GIS Data Dictionary
The GIS Staff has developed an online data dictionary. The Metadata Explorer is the web interface application, which enables users to discover and use City's GIS data repository. A key finding of the City's GIS Strategic Plan was that City staff needs easy-to-access information on what GIS data are available, where data are located, how often data are updated and by whom. Staff also needs information about GIS Layers and attributes that facilitate effective use of GIS data. This application addresses that need and results in broader use and benefit from GIS within the City of Inglewood. The latest ESRI metadata tools are being utilized to document data according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Federal Geographical Data Committee (FGDC) standard formats. To reach Inglewood Metadata use the following link:
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News Image Weather Based Irrigation Controller Rebate Program
Receive $250 for weather based irrigation controllers.  Save up to 13,500 gallons per year and reduce water run off.
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News Image Cooling Tower Controller Rebate Program for Commercial Water Users
Receive up to $5000 rebate for cooling tower controllers.
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News Image Free Landscape Survey Program
Free survey conducted by a certified lanscape professional.  To participate contact waterwise at 888-987-9473.  Free installation for high efficiency sprinkler nozzles for qualified sites.
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News Image Solid Waste Contract Proposals
Links to Solid Waste Proposals
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News Image Integrated Waste Management Presentations
The presentations linked below were presented to the Mayor, City Council and residents on February 23rd and are now publically accessible.


HF & H



Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
Determining the geographic location of a moving person, object, or vehicle and sending this information to an application where it can be used.
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ArcGIS News
     ESRI to release ArcGIS 10.1 in early 2012!
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Countywide Address Management System (CAMS)
A way to maintain address information in Los Angeles County
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  Pictometry Online is now providing 2011 imagery.
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Community Base Map Project

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Adopted 2010 Urban Water Management Plan
The Inglewood City Council adopted the City of Inglewood 2010 Urban Water Management Plan onJune 7, 2011.. The plan has been prepared in compliance with the California Planning Act of 1983 (Act) as amended to 2010 and includes discussion on Water Utility Service Area, Water utility Facilities, Water Sources and Supplies, Water Quality Information, Water Conservation to meet SB 7-7, 20X2020 criteria, Water Reliability Planning, Water Use Provisions, Water Demand Mangement Measures, Water Shortage Contingency Plan and Water Recycling.

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Energy Upgrade California and Water Reliability 2020
DOLLAR$ will be available for homeowners in the South Bay to upgrade their homes for energy and water efficiency. Through Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County, homeowners who complete qualifying energy-saving home upgrade projects can receive rebates and incentives of up to $4,500. With a variety of improvement options, homeowners can increase their home's energy efficiency and reduce monthly utility bills.

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News Image West Nile Virus Health Advisory
The Los Angeles County West Vector Control posted signs in recreational areas within five miles of the known westward front of West Nile Virus activity. Check the Los Angeles County West Vector Control District website ( for the latest updates and information on the West Nile Virus.
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How to Avoid Illegal Painting and Scams
If someone offers to paint your house address on the curb, please ask to see a City of Inglewood Permit.  It is illegal to paint the curb without this permit.  Even if the painter has a permit, you are not required to accept this offer.  The painter must provide you with written information about the name, address and telephone number of the person, company or organization doing the painting.  You can contact the Inglewood Public Works Department to verify that a curb painting permit was authorized (310) 412-5333.

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News Image Pest Alert - Light Brown Apple Moth
The light brown apple moth (LBAM), an invasive species native to Australia, has recently been detected in Solano and Los Angeles counties, adding to the nine previously infested Bay Area and Central Coast counties.  Single moths were detected in both new counties, and additional arrays of insect traps in both areas have detected no additional moths. 
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News Image California Water Crisis
For the first time in the state s history, the water supply and delivery system may not be able to meet our growing needs. At the same time, critical environmental resources are in peril. From aging infrastructure to population growth to climate change, we face a complex set of problems that threaten the future of California s population, economy and environment.

To learn more, click here.

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News Image What is Global Warming All About

A Gardener’s Guide To Global Warming. You have probably seen that many plants in your back yard are blooming earlier. Plants across the nation are affected by global warming. Global warming will mean that many native and iconic plants may no longer find suitable climate conditions in major portions of their historic range.
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News Image Earthquake Tips
DURING AN EARTHQUAKE. When you feel an earthquake, duck under a desk or sturdy table. Stay away from windows, bookcases, file cabinets, heavy mirrors, hanging plants, and other heavy objects that could fall. Watch out for falling plaster and ceiling tiles. Stay undercover until the shaking stops, and hold onto your cover. If it moves, move with it. Click "MORE" below for more tips.
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News Image There are Inglewood Laws Limiting Noise
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor driven vehicle within the City that, due to the nature of the operation of the vehicle, or due to the operating condition of the vehicle, or due to any modification made to vehicle, generates noise so that a reasonable person is caused discomfort or annoyance. (Ord. 88-29 9-13-88)
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News Image Report a Street Light Outage
Southern California Edison appreciates your help keeping our communities safe by reporting interruptions of service in your areas. Click on the online form below or call SCE at 1-800-611-1911 to report street light outages in your neighborhood.
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News Image Watch Inglewood TV Channel 35 For The Latest In Community Programming
Inglewood - Channel 35 - (Community Programming Schedule)

Click here for webpage.
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News Image Proper Display of the Flag of the United States of America
Many people want to demonstrate patriotism and support for the U.S. Armed Forces.  Often times, acts of patriotism and support of the troops are demonstrated by flying the flag.  But did you know that the United States Code (US Code) actually prescribes the manner in which the flag may be appropriately flown and if the code is not observed the result is disrespect to the flag? 

( To view more, click here. )
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News Image Promote SafeTrees
Property owners are responsible for complying with laws that regulate tree planning and maintenance in the City of Inglewood.
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The Transit Services Bureau
CATCHING TRUANTS.  The Transit Services Bureau partroled Metro Rail for students who skipped school and classes.
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News Image Infection control Intervention
( Click here to view more information )
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News Image 2006- Five Public Works Customer Service Principles

We will portray a positive image, particularly when in the field and around public counters by interacting with the public and each other courteously, professionally, and productively. 
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News Image Community Services Inspection (CSI) Areas
Community Services Inspection (CSI) Areas
( Click here to view the map )
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News Image Graffiti Removal Efforts Enhanced With Help From Community Partners
The City of Inglewood, Car Max Auto Stores Business Services, Inglewood€s Home Depot and Inglewood Partners for Progress team up to bolster abatement program.
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News Image Tired of Receiving Junk Mail?
Well, here is your opportunity to take control of your mailbox and rid yourself of unwanted promotional advertising that you frequently receive. 

Simply Opt-Out.
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News Image Inglewood To Fluoridate Drinking Water Supplies
In December 2005, the City of Inglewood€city council joined a majority of the nation€public water suppliers in adopting a policy to add fluoride to drinking water supplies to prevent tooth decay.
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News Image How To Cope With The Big One: Packing a Survival Kit
The good news concerning The Big One is that you will very likely survive. The bad news is that your life in the days after the quake will be trying. Disaster recovery planners anticipate widespread, long-lasting interruption of water, electric, and gas service; and disruption of major transportation links.


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News Image Street Projects Get Funding Okay
The City of Inglewood has been awarded $5.6 million in Federal Department of Transportation funds to initiate design work on two major street improvement projects in Inglewood. 
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News Image No Posting of Signs!
Did you know it is unlawful for any person other than authorized City Staff to hang, post or affix any handbills, signs or posters in public places in the City of Inglewood?   Section 12-83 of the Inglewood Municipal Code (IMC) outlines €no person shall paint, mark or write on or post upon any sidewalk, crosswalk, curb, street lamp, tree, shrub, poles, electric light or power or telephone/telegraph pole or wire  appurtenance support.€ (Ord.2498)
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News Image Public Works Working with Local Businesses To Reduce Water Consumption
May 2005 – Several weeks ago, the City of Inglewood’s Department of Public Works installed a new synthetic material called AstroLawn in the parkway at 2320 West Manchester Boulevard (directly adjacent to E.J.’s Hand Car Wash) in an effort to demonstrate the viability of one of several water conservation measures undertaken by the City’s Department of Public Works.  The artificial turf offers the aesthetics of real grass, and enables the business owner to reduce water consumption by turning off the irrigation system in the parkway.
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