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News Image HIRING!!
Consolidated Disposal Service (CDS) is seeking to hire 17 employees.  Candidates are encouraged to apply online at www.republicservices/careers.
( CDS Hiring Details )
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News Image I-CLEAN
Please click on the "I-CLEAN" link to find out more information.
( What Is I-CLEAN )
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2013 Earth Day 2013 Earth Day
Learn How You Can Make inglewood An Evironmentally Friendly and Sustainable City While Having Fun!
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2013 Dia de la Tierra 2013 Dia de la Tierra
Unase con nosotros para aprender como puede ayudar a hacer Inglewood una ciudad amigable y sostenible
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News Image CDS' Inglewood Hiring Update
CDS is committed to hiring 26 qualified Inglewood residents.  Please click on the "CDS' Inglewood Hiring Update" link for more information.
( CDS' Inglewood Hiring Update )

News Image Citywide Electronic Waste Recycling Event!
City of Inglewood and New Leaf Recycling is hosting a Citywide Electronic Waste Recycling Event!
( E-Waste Flyer )

News Image Consolidated Disposal Service's Holiday Schedule
We will be closed for business on the following seven holidays: 

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day 

 If the holiday falls on a weekday, services will be delayed by one day for that week only.  Your regular schedule will resume the following week.

 For example:  If the holiday falls on Thursday, then Thursday services will be provided on Friday and Friday services on Saturday, etc.


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Public Works 24 Hour Hotline
The business hours of the Public Works Department...
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GIS Classifications
Announcing new and approved GIS Classifcations.
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News Image 27 cheap ways to keep your house cooler
Simple changes such as moving lamps away from thermostats can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are more money -- and energy -- saving tips.

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News Image Africanized Honeybees
The Los Angeles County West Vector Control District will no longer respond to weekend service requests.  During the week, call (310) 915-7370 to make service requests.   A list of licensed pest control companies, which is neither endorsed nor recommended by the Vector Control District, is posted on the city website, under the Public Works Department.  Weekend callers to the Control District will be offered referrals to private companies in the area from this list.
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News Image West Nile Virus Concerns
The City is receiving numerous calls in regard to a growing concern about standing pools of water in the gutter throughout the City that provides a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes, and for possible exposure to the virus.

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