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The roof has been removed and platforms installed for the new air conditioning units being installed. The contractor has completed installation of the watertight membrane, so the facility is covered for any rains that might come our way. In the foreground, you will notice a new roof hatch that will provide a safer way for maintenance crews to access the roof. 

Outside work includes: tree and shrub removal by the City Parks’ crews, new parking lot surface, striping, and lighting, ADA approved entrance and painting. 

Inside, demolition is complete for the ceiling, lighting, restrooms and A/C ductwork. Crews will be preparing to start installing new electrical, ductwork, ceiling mounted heat sensors, and gas lines (for the new heating/cooling units) prior to a new ceiling grid being installed. 

Restrooms are prepared for modification to ADA guideline compliance, along with preparations for new ADA approved doorways. A new ADA approved drinking fountain is waiting to be installed. 

The current staff counter will be refurbished to ADA standards with modifications and a new exciting surface.  

Much work is yet to be done, but GSA staff looks forward to bring the residents and your staff a beautiful facility in preparation for Inglewood’s centennial celebration.