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Graffiti Removal Efforts Enhanced With Help From Community Partners

The City of Inglewood, Car Max Auto Stores Business Services, Inglewood€s Home Depot and Inglewood Partners for Progress are teaming up to beef up the City€s graffiti abatement program to more speedily remove graffiti found on both public and private property throughout the City.  With a donated vehicle from CarMax, donated paint from Home Depot, and $20,000 in funding from Partners for Progress, a non-profit comprised of Inglewood€s largest employers, the City€s full-time graffiti services team will be equipped to respond to calls about graffiti and to canvass the city to identify areas that need servicing. 

            The City€s Public Works Department currently has a graffiti abatement team comprised of six employees.  The team uses four vehicles equipped with paint removal and spray-painting devices that eradicate offensive writing on buildings and signs.  The team targets the business community and is charged with immediately removing graffiti around places of business.   

            The new vehicle donated by CarMax will allow the graffiti crew to more efficiently investigate complaints and remove blight.  The vehicle will prominently display logos of corporate partners and the graffiti team will showcase the vehicle in business districts so that owners will know the team is available to address graffiti issues. 

            The funds donated by Partners for Progress will be used for staffing and other equipment used by the graffiti crew.  Partners for Progress is comprised of Hollywood Park Race Track (Bay Meadows Land Company), Hollywood Park Casino, Centinela-Freeman Health Systems, the Forum, and Inglewood Park Cemetery. 

            For more information about the Graffiti Abatement Program, call Inglewood Public Works Department at 310.412.5333.  To report graffiti, call the graffiti hotline at 310.412.8739.