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Time Warner Cable Subscribers

Call Customer Service at (888) 255-5789 for Technical Support

Some cable subscribers have reported that they are not able to view Inglewood programs usually aired Wednesday and Friday evenings on Channel 35. Some have said that LA City Council Meetings are being aired during the usual Inglewood Council Meeting timeslot.

Please call Time Warner to advise Customer Service at (888) 255-5789 if you are experiencing this same technical issue.

Tell them that you are an Inglewood subscriber and request that they "refresh" or "remap" your cable box or test the receiver remotely from the main office.

Time Warner is aware and is investigating these circumstances.  They have informed us that it appears that this occurs for subscribers who have switched from analog to digital receivers.

Time Warner needs to be advised when this occurs so that they know how widespread the problem is. Cable Channel 35 is Inglewood's community channel for educational and governmental activities; it is shared with public access programs but is geographically dedicated to the Inglewood community.