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Learn About Federal Direct Deposit at the Library

As of March 2013, all Federal benefits, including Social Security benefits, must be paid through direct deposit or debit cards. Printed paper checks will no longer be issued.

On Thursday, April 11th at Noon, the Inglewood Public Library will host a workshop facilitated by representatives from Union Bank to explain and guide senior citizens through the direct deposit process. The workshop will take place at the Main Library€s Gladys Waddingham Lecture Hall, located at 101 West Manchester Boulevard.

Why does the Treasury Department require electronic payments? Electronic payments save taxpayers money, and offer benefit recipients the following advantages: no risk of lost checks; no delays caused by unforeseen events; no need to make a trip to deposit a check; and the money is accessible sooner.

"Seniors will no longer have to worry about losing their checks, have a delay in benefits, or needing to cash a check once they sign up for direct deposit," said Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Jr.

Although the Treasury Department€s March deadline has passed, check recipients can still comply with the law by switching to electronic payments now. It€s fast, easy and free to switch from paper federal benefit checks to direct deposit or the Direct Express┬« Debit MasterCard┬« card. For assistance with making the switch to electronic payments, bring the following to the Union Bank program:

€ 12-digit federal benefit check number
€ Amount of most recent federal benefit check
€ Financial institution's routing transit number*
€ Account number* and type € checking or savings
*This information is usually found at the bottom of personal checks.

This program is free and open to the public. For more information about this program call (310) 412-5380.