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Inglewood Urges Residents and Businesses to Take Part in Earth Day Festivities

New “Recycling Starter Kit” Available to Increase Recycling Efforts Statewide

Inglewood CA - This year, as the world gets ready to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Earth Day (April 22nd), Inglewood is calling on residents and businesses alike to do their part for the environment. By simply recycling empty bottles and cans, together, Californians can help to divert billions of beverage containers from our landfills.

"It is amazing what a difference we can make when the members of the community work together," said Thomas R. Coates, Environmental Services Administrator. "Residents looking for a way to get involved this Earth Day have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of environment-related activities."

To help celebrate Earth Day statewide, the California Department of Conservation has developed a Comprehensive Beverage Container Recycling Starter Kit. The Recycling Starter Kit includes everything a business needs to start recycling immediately; it provides a recycling bin, posters, stickers, and tips on how to set up a sustainable beverage container recycling program.

Environmental Services Administrator, Thomas R. Coates, stated, "Starting a beverage container recycling program is a great way for businesses to take an active role in conserving California’s precious natural resources; implementing recycling can also help businesses reduce the amount of their monthly waste-hauling bill - and at 4 cents for smaller containers, and 8 cents for larger containers (greater than 24 ounces), businesses could even make money on their California Refund Value (CRV) recyclable containers."

Businesses interested in receiving a Recycling Starter Kit should contact Waste Management Customer Service at (310) 677-6500 or by visiting

Earth Day activities for Inglewood will be held on April 23 at Rogers Park, 400 W. Beach Ave..: The City is hosting a variety of environmentally friendly activities for residents of all ages, including beach and park clean-ups and courses on starting your own recycling program. Children can partake in such activities as face-painting and environment-related contests to learn more about recycling and resource conservation. These events are designed as a way for individuals to learn more about how to care for the environment while having fun. For more information on how to get involved this Earth Day, contact the Public Works Department at (310) 412-5559, or visit the City Web site at

Earth Day, which began in 1970, is now celebrated by millions of people worldwide. This year is its 35th Anniversary, and around the world, hundreds of thousands of nongovernmental organizations, governments, teachers, and faith-based groups, among others, are making plans to declare that they are part of something extraordinary: a worldwide movement to protect our planet, our children, and our future.