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The South Bay Energy $avings Center will be holding two FREE workshops on Energy Efficiency this week.

On Tuesday evening, April 26, between 6:30 - 8:00, a workshop for South Bay residents will be held at the 3858 Carson Street, Suite 110 office, which is near the intersection of Carson and Hawthorne Boulevards.  In addition to hearing an interesting presentation by Carmen Oliver, recently of the Gas Company, attendees will enjoy dessert and take home free gifts that will start saving energy and saving money right away.  Call (310) 543-3022 to register.

On Wednesday, April 27, South Bay businesses will have the opportunity to hear an industry expert talk about Energy Efficiency, AND will be able to sign up for a FREE energy audit of their business, sign up for FREE lighting retrofits, FREE HVAC diagnostics and tune-up, as well as sign up for FREE programmable thermostats.   This workshop will be held at the Inglewood Main Library Lecture Hall, 101 W. Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood.   Call (310) 543-3022 to register.