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No Posting of Signs!

Did you know it is unlawful for any person other than authorized City Staff to hang, post or affix any handbills, signs or posters in public places in the City of Inglewood?   Section 12-83 of the Inglewood Municipal Code (IMC) outlines €no person shall paint, mark or write on or post upon any sidewalk, crosswalk, curb, street lamp, tree, shrub, poles, electric light or power or telephone/telegraph pole or wire  appurtenance support.€ (Ord.2498)  

            The prohibition also applies to public bridges/overpasses, street and/or traffic signs, bus or parkway benches, bus shelters, sidewalk kiosks, fixtures or objects located upon or in a public street.   

            All unauthorized handbills or signs found posted or otherwise affixed in violation of Section 12-83 (IMC) will be removed.  Additionally, any person found responsible for such illegal posting shall be liable for the costs incurred in the removal thereof.  The City is authorized to effect collection of said costs.             

An over proliferation of unauthorized posted signs detracts from the City€s overall beauty and is a contributory factor in litter accumulation.  Neighborhood preservation and community beautification are the City€s top priorities and we thank you for your interest in keeping the Inglewood community clean.   

Any questions regarding this information should be addressed to the Department of Public Work/Environmental Services Division, Community Services Inspection Unit - (310) 412-8622.